Life in the modern age revolves around digital devices. We encounter screens at the workplace, while on the go,  and at home as well. According to research and personal experiences, it has been proved that the blue light can disturb sleep, contribute to headaches, put a strain on the eyes, and can make you feel fatigued.

Effects Of Blue Light

Blue Light has both positive and negative effects. Blue light has some biological benefits like alertness, memory, and regulation of body clock. Though blue light has always been around and is part of the light spectrum of the sun. But in older days,  that was limited exposure and that too during the sunny hours. After the sunset, people relied on candles and lanterns that produced orange light. However, today we can go on with our lives beyond sunset for hours because of modern light technology. These lights are sources of blue light and thus this overexposure is leading to several physical and psychological problems.

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Harmful Effects Of Blue Light

Human eye has the structure that helps to block the ultraviolet lights from the sun. Less than  one percent of the UV light actually reaches the sensitive part of the eyeball, called the retina. Though, a pair of UV sunglasses is vital for protection of eyes from the harmful effects of UV light during peak sun hours.  However, the structure of the eyeball has no defence against the blue light. Therefore, having a pair of blue light glasses is very important for protecting eyes from the high energy visible blue lights.

The overexposure of blue light especially the artificial blue lights after the sunset have harmful effects on physical and mental wellbeing.

Positive Effects Of Blue Light

The positive effects of blue light are mostly linked to the High Energy Visible component of the sunlight. This blue light makes us more alert and attentive. It has positive effects on the brain and improves memory and cognitive function. Healthy brain function leads to better mood and better focus and attention.

Blue lights coming from the sun during the day are also important to keep the functions of the human body regulated. The functions of our body are regulated by the circadian rhythm. The High Energy Visible light gives the signal to our body clock that it is time to keep the body working and attentive. As the blue lights go down after the sunset, the body clock believes it is time to slow down and makes us feel sleepy, as if preparing for the night.

Blue light helps memory and cognitive function. Therefore, therapists use blue light  for light therapy to treat the seasonal affected disorder (SAD)

Computer Vision Syndrome

Computer vision syndrome is a broad term used to define eyestrain, fatigue, tired eyes, dry eyes and blurred vision caused by the use of computer screens. This can be your desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone or any other digital screen. As we discussed earlier, these screens emit blue light. This light is easily scattered and is unfocused light. This unfocused light reduces the contrasts and produces different symptoms under computer vision syndrome.

Blue light glasses are effective protection from the negative repercussions of artificial blue light. The technology of anti-blue light glasses has evolved a lot in the past few years and you can find fashionable yet effective pairs of blue light glasses.

Blue Light Effects - Bluray Optical


We often hear people complaining about insufficient sleep hours, disturbed sleep, overall fatigue, and mental stress. Sometimes we are among the people complaining. A major factor contributing to these sleep problems is blue light. Blue light signals our body to keep alert and attentive while the body needs rest after a long day. This contradictory situation brings the body in fighting mode.

When you see blue light beyond daylight, it affects the circadian rhythm. You will have a problem falling asleep because your body is not prepared for sleeping. Even if you doze off, you will not experience the deep REM sleep that is very essential for the regeneration of the brain and body. Consequently, you will have shorter sleep hours, and the sleep you gain does not produce required healthy results.

Blue light eyewear including anti-blue light glasses, blue light filter glasses or anti-blue light glasses come to rescue in this situation. They block the harmful blue light and even when you are using screens out of necessity, your health is not a stack.

Blue Light Effects - Bluray Optical

Retinal damage

Though blue lights may look innocent, they are nasty for your eye health. The anterior structure of the human eye is not made to block the blue lights. Therefore, a huge amount of blue light passes through the cornea and reaches the sensitive part at the back of the eyeball called the retina. Research shows overexposure to blue lights increases the risk of age-related macular degeneration. This means losing the central vision and can lead to complete blindness in the worst cases.

The danger in children is multifold. The cornea is not fully developed till the age of 14 in children. The exposure to blue lights from screens is a contributing factor to increased diagnoses of numerous eye problems, including nearsightedness among children.

Effective protection from the blue right is possible with high-quality blue light glasses. Blue light glasses are also known as blue light filter glasses, anti-blue light glasses, and  Blu-ray optical computer glasses. A good pair of anti-blue light glasses protect you from the potential dangers of artificial high energy visible blue light. This is essential in today’s life where digital devices are an unavoidable part of life.

The adverse effects of the blue light are so notorious that the most learned body of science, NASA, has made appropriate changes to combat the danger. NASA has changed all the lights on the International Space Station. They are now using dim and longer-wavelength lights, which has been proved to be easier on human physiology than “blue light.”

Such a grand scale change is probably out of our control because we have blue light exposure on screens, at work and on various places that we visit. Therefore, it is important to use Bluray optical computer glasses while using screens. Also, try to keep your anti-blue light glasses in use after the sunset especially in places where there are too many blue lights around i.e. LED lights or displays and too many white/blue lights.

Stay vigilant, stay safe!